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"Our core efforts revolve around empowering people who create high-quality work to take their creations to the next level. We invite you to be part of this evolution in the music industry. Let us help connect you to your audience.... Read more about us here

Artists as Entrepreneurs

There was a time when all a musician had to worry about was playing their horn.

At that time, their focus was on creating the best music they possibly could. Someone else would record, edit, market, sell, and publish their work. This was a good deal that most musicians were fine with, usually because it was the only available choice.

The big downside to that arrangement is that someone else also owned their work. Musicians would sell their rights to their music to a publisher or record label, and that company would pay them a small advance as well as a small percentage of revenue generated by sales, but only after the advance was paid back.« Continue »

Wallace Brass Mutes USA Distributor

We are proud to announce that Bugles Media Group is now the USA Distributor for Wallace Brass Mutes. Wallace Brass is an independent Scottish based company owned by John Wallace and Iain Muirhead, whose mutes reflect the needs of top professional players and are designed to maximize your performance.


How to Copyright Your Work

Copyright While copyright in the United States automatically attaches upon the creation of an original work of authorship, registration with the Copyright Office puts a copyright holder in a better position if litigation arises over the copyright. A copyright holder desiring to register his or her copyright should do the following:


Interview with Alan Hood

Ginny Coleman: You have an amazing event coming up, the Clifford Brown Jazz Trumpet Consortium. I see that you’ve been passionate about Clifford Brown and his music throughout most of your life. How did the idea for a consortium dedicated to him come about? Alan Hood: Well, it’s been a project idea in my head […]


Interview with Kate Amrine

Ginny Coleman: In the two years since you graduated from NYU, you’ve worked in a wide variety of roles throughout the music business, from playing to coordinating to teaching. Is there one job you’ve held in particular that you believe helped to jump-start your career? Kate Amrine: I can think of three transformative experiences that […]