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"Our core efforts revolve around empowering people who create high-quality work to take their creations to the next level. We invite you to be part of this evolution in the music industry. Let us help connect you to your audience.... Read more about us here

Artists as Entrepreneurs

There was a time when all a musician had to worry about was playing their horn.

At that time, their focus was on creating the best music they possibly could. Someone else would record, edit, market, sell, and publish their work. This was a good deal that most musicians were fine with, usually because it was the only available choice.

The big downside to that arrangement is that someone else also owned their work. Musicians would sell their rights to their music to a publisher or record label, and that company would pay them a small advance as well as a small percentage of revenue generated by sales, but only after the advance was paid back.« Continue »

Wallace Brass Mutes USA Distributor

We are proud to announce that Bugles Media Group is now the USA Distributor for Wallace Brass Mutes. Wallace Brass is an independent Scottish based company owned by John Wallace and Iain Muirhead, whose mutes reflect the needs of top professional players and are designed to maximize your performance.


How to Copyright Your Work

Copyright While copyright in the United States automatically attaches upon the creation of an original work of authorship, registration with the Copyright Office puts a copyright holder in a better position if litigation arises over the copyright. A copyright holder desiring to register his or her copyright should do the following:


Interview with Alan Hood

Ginny Coleman: You have an amazing event coming up, the Clifford Brown Jazz Trumpet Consortium. I see that you’ve been passionate about Clifford Brown and his music throughout most of your life. How did the idea for a consortium dedicated to him come about? Alan Hood: Well, it’s been a project idea in my head […]


Interview with Kate Amrine

Ginny Coleman: In the two years since you graduated from NYU, you’ve worked in a wide variety of roles throughout the music business, from playing to coordinating to teaching. Is there one job you’ve held in particular that you believe helped to jump-start your career? Kate Amrine: I can think of three transformative experiences that […]


Interview with Tessa Ellis

James Moore: You’re currently a student at the Curtis Institute. What is it like attending such a small conservatory? Tessa Ellis: I transferred twice before entering Curtis, so I feel I have a unique perspective on the environment at Curtis. It’s by far the smallest school I’ve attended, and for the most part that’s a […]


Interview with Stacy Simpson

James Moore: As many might know you are first auxiliary trumpet with the Louisville Orchestra and are the lead trumpet player for the Derby Dinner Playhouse, a somewhat stark contrast. How did you come to hold both of these positions? Do you ever find it difficult to “switch gears” when it comes to altering your […]


Interview with Linda Landis

James Moore: Like most musicians you started playing at a very young age. Why did you choose to play the trombone, and where did your passion for music begin? Linda Landis: I started playing trombone in the fifth grade. When I was in fourth grade, we had a high school girl who helped out with […]


Private Lessons Invitation

I’ve spent the better part of the last several years teaching private lessons both in person on over the internet (a unique approach). This isn’t something I do much any more – it’s tricky to provide that service when I’m moving around from place to place – and I only have a few students in […]


A Guide to Flugelhorn Tapers

Note: The information in this post was provided by my friends at Mouthpiece Express and Patrick Mouthpieces. Confused about tapers? We used to be, too! Here’s the scoop on flugelhorn mouthpiece tapers. If you are using the wrong taper, you may be experiencing poor intonation and response! Unfortunately, not all flugelhorns take the same type […]


Interview with Monster Oil

I first heard of Monster Oils, a burgeoning new company, a few months ago. Being a professional trumpet player (aka. Nerd) I quickly bought up several bottles of the stuff in various viscosities. I instantly loved the product and can recommend this company to any brass player! I got ahold of one of the co-founders […]


How to rehearse a section

Sight read the piece Notice the key signature, time signature, key changes, time changes, road map, solos/solis, tempo, and tempo changes After running through the piece, identify problem sections to work on, focusing on: Intonation Time feel Style (Articulation, Volume, Beginning and ending of notes, Phrasing) Blending with the section Ways to work on blending: […]


Lean on the Breath

What is the best way to describe to a student how to play the their balance and not blow past the lean on their breath? What I’ve noticed and recommend: Have your student take a big breath and play a long tone. They should notice the freedom that the feeling of the chest is free. […]


Interview with Timberwolf Guitars

Brandon Coleman: I stumbled upon Timberwolf guitars via a “happy accident” after a rehearsal in Dayton, OH. Driving around, burning gas, I noticed a local guitar shop on the side of the road, and decided to stop in. As soon as I walked into the shop, my eyes were caught by the beautiful guitar hanging […]



Since the inception of this company the majority of our services have been in the form of services that we provide to our clients; mostly helping them construct a finished product, or teach individuals how they could tweak or take control of their personal products.


Black History Month 2014

Our core efforts revolve around empowering people who create high-quality work. We believe that in order to continue producing perspective-changing work, the music industry must break through all barriers and become an industry of self-determination and high individual standards.


Don’t Innovate yourself into a weaker position


Loyalty or Happiness


Being loyal to a specific company (brand loyalty) suggests that you buy from a specific company no matter what. You like them, so why wouldn’t you keep buying from them? You might even like that brand so much that you push others to buy from them even if they are perfectly happy using what they […]


Interview: Bugles Artist Craig Tweddell

I first met Craig Tweddell, a burgeoning young trumpet player, in a coffeehouse in Morehead, KY, just across the state from his native Louisville, KY, while I was still in college. We (us founders) were hosting a small hang before heading to the National Trumpet Competition where Craig (and Eric) would be competing in the […]


Our New Record Label and Away With Words

Bugles Media is proud to announce the launch of our new record label with the global release of Away With Words, the debut album from Louisville jazz trumpeter Craig Tweddell.


Does your sound change?

Remember that trumpet playing is 90% mental! What you think about most is what is going to happen to your trumpet playing! Take a full, natural breath and blow into your hand. Feel the air flowing? It shouldn’t be pushed or squeezed. We know that blowing air activates some muscular activity. This is normal. Blowing […]


Blowing Freely

Take a big, natural breath. Blow through the resistance of the horn. The quality of my sounds remains constant throughout. Play new material slowly to give you minds time to process what you see to what you hear. Allow your fingers to become coordinated with the tongue (your sound does not change when the fingers […]



The imagination is the driving force behind music making. Hearing the desired result vividly in your imagination will activate whatever physical activity it takes to make that sound. Every day repetition causes a more dependable result. Inconsistency eventually vanishes as the body makes a habit out of the most efficient way it finds to get […]


A Balanced Approach


There is no situation where this approach doesn’t work if (and that is a big IF) the teacher is competent. In our (Adam & his students) approach to playing, the student doesn’t worry about the embouchure but focuses on a beautiful sound, hearing the music, and keeping the air flowing. However, this does not mean […]


On Businesses and Rebranding

These days startups are all the rage. And why shouldn’t they be? Some say owning one is the modern equivalent of becoming a rock star. You know the image: A bright kid with an idea puts in a little hard work, and then walks away with a million bucks. It’s a sexy product to sell, […]