Interview with Tessa Ellis

TWH-TessaJames Moore: You’re currently a student at the Curtis Institute. What is it like attending such a small conservatory?

Tessa Ellis: I transferred twice before entering Curtis, so I feel I have a unique perspective on the environment at Curtis. It’s by far the smallest school I’ve attended, and for the most part that’s a good thing. Your teachers all get to know you, you have more interaction with administration, and you know almost everyone’s name within a few weeks! Entering as an older student made it easier for me to “outsource” my social life a bit, which has balanced out the size of Curtis and made it a very positive environment for me.

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Interview with Stacy Simpson

TWH-StacyJames Moore: As many might know you are first auxiliary trumpet with the Louisville Orchestra and are the lead trumpet player for the Derby Dinner Playhouse, a somewhat stark contrast. How did you come to hold both of these positions? Do you ever find it difficult to “switch gears” when it comes to altering your playing style?

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