Interview with Alan Hood


Ginny Coleman: You have an amazing event coming up, the Clifford Brown Jazz Trumpet Consortium. I see that you’ve been passionate about Clifford Brown and his music throughout most of your life. How did the idea for a consortium dedicated to him come about?

Alan Hood: Well, it’s been a project idea in my head ever since I hosted the International Trumpet Guild conference in Denver in 2004. I kept thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to do a trumpet-specific seminar on Clifford Brown, IN his hometown of Wilmington, and spend some quality time on his music and history and further the art of jazz and trumpet playing both? He and his music have been a passion of mine ever since my high school years in the early 80s and it is SO deserving of wider recognition and passing onward to new generations of players and educators! And I think I have devised a really spectacular outing for this first-ever consortium; Brad Goode, Terell Stafford, Greg Gisbert and myself on the trumpet faculty, presenters Don Glanden (UArts and “Brownie Speaks” filmmaker), Wilmington trumpeter Tony Smith, Howard High historian Kenyon Camper, a great rhythm section from UArts in Philly and very special guest, Clifford Brown, Jr., son of the great trumpeter. And it will all take place in the Clifford Brown Performance Space of the Christina Cultural Arts Center in downtown Wilmington.

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