Black History Month 2014

BHM 2014 (4)

Our core efforts revolve around empowering people who create high-quality work. We believe that in order to continue producing perspective-changing work, the music industry must break through all barriers and become an industry of self-determination and high individual standards. Read more

Our New Record Label and Away With Words

CD Front Cover

Bugles Media is proud to announce the launch of our new record label with the global release of Away With Words, the debut album from Louisville jazz trumpeter Craig Tweddell. Read more

5 Tips on Constructing Your Biography

Making a great first impression is important. Not only to you grab potential readers’ attention, but you define who you are and set yourself and your work apart from the crowd. Here are a few tips on constructing your biography: Read more

Constructing an Effective Practice Session

A consistent and well-structured routine is essential for developing players and professionals alike. A quality daily routine will cover all facets of trumpet playing, including: airflow, tone production, finger dexterity, flexibility, articulation, range, and dynamics. Each player is unique, and will need to determine for himself how to balance these fundamental areas. The guidance of a good teacher is a must, however, the student will eventually need to develop the ability to recognize his own needs and have the knowledge base to address issues as they come up. Read more

How to Set Up and Maintain a Private Lesson Studio

It is a goal of many musicians to have their own private lesson studio. The problem is, they have no clue where to start. Please, let me lend a hand. The first step you need in order to establish your own private lesson studio is to make contact with potential students.  Make contact with potential students via these sources: Read more